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With its rich expertise in this area, AHL provides a full range consulting services besides its product lines. AHL facilitate the deployment of new lighting and vision technologies by working closely with business owners, property owners, designing firms and general contractors.

Shenzhen AHL Technology Co. Ltd

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Shenzhen, China.

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Title of position Salary(K) Time
Cost Accounting 5~8 2023-06-11
Location: Shenzhen - - Department:Talent recruitment Working years:1-3 years Education:No limit} Number of recruits: 5

Job responsibilities 1. Responsible for cost accounting, cost analysis, and put forward improvement suggestions to provide data support for the company's decision-making; 2. Familiar with the production process, formulate the theoretical cost and accounting method of each product, carry out monthly cost accounting on time and accurately; 3. Responsible for production cost accounting, check the completion of the target cost index of each process, analyze the existing problems, put forward solutions and suggestions, and track and feedback the improvement plan of the business department; 4. Organize the inventory of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and issue the inventory report, monitor the changes of inventory, and ensure the accuracy of inventory; 5. Analyze and track the dead stock regularly to reduce the loss of the company; 6. Participate in annual budget preparation, including but not limited to: R & D projects, production capacity construction, equipment and instruments, etc; 7. Connect with the company's asset management department to manage all kinds of fixed assets, improve the company's fixed assets account, and regularly check the company's assets; 8. Responsible for the optimization and improvement of ERP cost module; 9. Other things arranged by leaders. Qualifications: 1. Full time college degree or above, major in accounting, finance, auditing, taxation, with junior accountant certificate; 2. Solid basic accounting knowledge, more than 5 years of accounting work experience, good organization, coordination, project promotion and communication skills, clear thinking logic and innovation consciousness; 3. Rich experience in cost accounting of industrial enterprises, with certain experience in cost management and cost analysis; 4. Familiar with office software, ERP financial software, Excel, using Kingdee cloud software is preferred; 5. With strong learning and communication skills, careful, proactive, high stability, can develop together with the enterprise.

project manager 6-12 2023-06-11
Location: Shenzhen - - Department:Talent recruitment Working years:No limit Education:No limit} Number of recruits: 5

Job description
operating duty:
1. Responsible for the implementation, promotion and control of acoustic test project according to the project plan;
2. Participate in technical communication and plan making in the early stage of the project, and keep close contact with customers;
3. From the start of the project to the final test of the customer's factory, the whole process controls each key node of the project, including project planning, team building, making plans, controlling various costs and tracking project progress;
4. Track and solve project trial production and mass production, lead and cooperate to solve any technical, quality and delivery problems in each stage of the project;
5. Work with functional departments to allocate resources for the project to ensure the project runs as planned;
6. Follow up the progress of R & D and testing, synchronize the information with customers, realize the series connection of technical lines and the effective transmission of information.
1. College degree or above, major in mechatronics, mechanics, electronics;
2. At least 3 years experience as test equipment project manager;
3. Familiar with the working mode of CM Plant, understand the structure of test fixture;
4. Having been a customer is preferred, with project management experience in electroacoustic field and RF field is preferred;
5. Good communication and coordination skills, clear thinking, flexible mind, strong sense of responsibility;
6. Strong pressure resistance, can adapt to business trip.


Shenzhen AHL Technology Co. Ltd

Address: 4th floor, Building № 2, Xufa Science Park, Gongming street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China.

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